What Is Cellulite? Causes, Symptoms And Natural Home Remedies For Cellulite


What is cellulite?

Cellulite is a fat condition in which the skin of human body converts into a lumpy and dimpled skin like an orange peel. Cellulite mostly occurs in the female human body. There is 90 percent of women have experience of cellulite. Cellulite can develop in both man and women. Cellulite mainly arises on the buttocks and thighs. Cellulite does not only affect the buttocks and thighs, but cellulite can also affect the other parts of the body like breasts, stomach, lower abdomen, neck and hips. You can know about cellulite with other names of cellulite because cellulite has some common names that defined the cellulite. Orange peel skin, cottage peel skin, hail damage, the mattress phenomenon, these are common names of cellulite. Cellulite is a part of fat. There are lots of peoples in the world who has cellulite, and due to cellulite, they are not living their life joyful and happy. Due to cellulite, the people who have cellulite feels ashamed because cellulite made them so fatty. Cellulite may hit both men and women, but cellulite is very primary in a female human body because of the unique issue of fat, muscles, and connective tissue.

What Is CellulitiS?

Cellulitis is a natural bacterial infection of the skin. Cellulitis is the harrowing disease. Redness and swelling frequently proliferate into the body. Cellulitis may increase anywhere on your body or your face, and the surface area of your body is often attacked due to cellulitis. In most cases of cellulitis, the skin of your lower legs is affected. Cellulitis can also develop on your lymph, vertex and blood streams. If cellulitis is not treated, then cellulitis can develop, and it can become life threatening infection. If you want to prevent yourself to this infection, then you should get your doctor’s help right now if you the symptoms of cellulitis.

Causes Of Cellulite?

Cellulite is a part of fat and big increases in the human body when the peoples eat lots of market foods that contained with lots of fat, salt, and some little fiber. There are so many causes of cellulite. The main causes of cellulite are our eating food lifestyle. Nowadays every people like to market food and don’t eat the healthy and house food. Due to this taking food lifestyle, the fat cells of our body start grow and makes our body like an orange peel appearance and lumpy and dimpled skin. There are more lots of causes of cellulite.


Hormones: Hormones play a significant role in the evolution of cellulite. Estrogen, insulin, thyroid hormones and prolactin hormones are the causes of cellulite development.
Diet: Lots of people eat lots of fat, carbohydrates, unhealthy food, burger, pizza, salt, and some little fiber these all foods are unhealthy to our body, and these all foods can be the cause of cellulite.

Lifestyle Factors: Cellulite can occur in the smokers. The peoples who smoke and drinking then cellulite may also occur in them. The individuals who do not exercise and that person who sit or stand at one place in position for the extended period, they can have cellulite.
Clothing: Wearing that clothes which are made by tight elastic this can be a cause of cellulite because tight elastic across the blood flow’s limit and due to you can get cellulite in your body.
Genetics: Some genetics are needed for the appearance of cellulite. Genetics can be associated with cellulite.


Signs of cellulite comparatively easy to find out. The problem is characterized by fat stores under the skin that causes an orange peel, lumpy and dimpled appearance. Cellulite is grown in women on a local area of the body such as on thighs, hips, buttocks, and stomach. Cellulite is not only grown in only these part, but cellulite can also grow on the other parts of the body such as breasts, neck, upper arms and lower back. Cellulite does not only occur in fatty and healthy peoples, but it can also occur in those people who are thin and average weight.

There are some more symptoms of cellulite:

Redness: When you are suffering from cellulite then your skin start having redness in that areas of your body which are attacked by cellulite.

Swelling: Swelling is very critical and very painful situation at the time of cellulite. Swelling starts due to cellulite, and you will get swelling only there where you have cellulite, but the swelling mostly occurs on a stomach.

Treatment For Cellulite?

There are lots of treatment on the market to get rid of cellulite like pills, creams, massage and so on. There are some laser treatments to get rid of cellulite, but natural treatments are best and easy way to get rid of cellulite at your home.

Some natural treatments:

DIY ANTI CELLULITE CREAM: DIY ANTI CELLULITE cream is an easy and natural way to get rid of cellulite because you can make this cream at your home and it is straightforward to make. There are some tips to make it at home.


• Coconut oil
• Lemon essential oil
• Grapefruit essential oil
• Peppermint essential oil
• Dark glass jar
• Bowl and chopsticks
Take one cup of coconut oil, and after that, you need to 5 drops of lemon essential oil, five drops of peppermint essential oil, and last seven drops of grapefruit essential oil. Now take a bowl and some chopsticks or a spoon to mix all the ingredients. Now place these all your ingredients into the bowl and mix all these. Now store this cream into the dark glass jar, and your cream is ready to use. Apply it on their parts where you have cellulite.